Published On: Sat, Feb 10th, 2018

WATCH: Girl repeatedly slaps horse but suffers instant karma when animal does THIS

A video which shows a young girl suffering instant karma after hitting a horse has gone viral.

The short clip, uploaded to Imgur, shows a young girl in a pink top walking towards the horse.

She raises her arm, and hits it as hard as she can on its flank.

The horse does not react, so after walking back, she walks forward again and starts pushing the animal.

Clearly having had enough, the horse swings its head around to teach the girl a lesson.

The horse grabs the girl by her hair with its mouth and yanks her, pulling the child over on to the ground.

She cries out in shock, and the clip ends.

The video has gone viral online, with nearly 7000 views.

Commenters shoed their thoughts, and most had no sympathy for the girl.

One said: “Why would you do that to an animal that can CLEARLY kill you. Shame on the parents for not teaching better.”

Another wrote: “And a lesson was learned that day.”

And one noted: “Literally could have killed her with one kick to the chest and/or face.”

The horse is not the only animal caught on camera getting revenge for bad treatment.

A bull in Spain also had his revenge after a man continually taunted him.

Wearing a red top, the man waves his arms about as the bull stares at him, its tail swishing.

At first, it seems as if the bull is not going to move – but then he decides he has had enough of the man’s taunting, and charges forward.

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