Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2019

Thank you Guy Verhofstadt! 'Self-satisfied arrogant Eurocrat' is a gift for Brexiteers

Mr Verhofstadt sparked a furore on social media after tweeting a picture of him accepting the garment, emblazoned with the message “B******* to Brexit”, from MEPs Catherine Bearder and Luisa Porritt at the conference in Bournemouth. He crowed: “Great to be in Bournemouth to celebrate the success of the @LibDems, Britain’s pro-European party. I picked up a new t-shirt too! ;-)”

The former Belgian Prime Minister is well-known for using Twitter to air his grievances, taking aim at Boris Johnson shortly afterwards over the Prime Minister invoked Marvel’s Hulk as he described how Britain would cast off the “shackles” of the European Union.

However, a Brexit Party spokesman suggested it was Mr Verhofstadt himself who was coming off as cartoonish.

He said: “Verhofstadt appears a parody act.

“Imagine the most overweening, self-satisfied arrogant Eurocrat you could invent.

“Wrap it in an ill-fitting suit and send it to Bournemouth.

“The EU couldn’t create somebody who could turn UK citizens against it more effectively. “

During his speech to the conference yesterday, Mr Verhoftstadt raised eyebrows by talking of a “world order based on empires” – a fact which was not lost on the Brexit Party spokesman.

He added: “The man that first boasts of turning our country into a colony, then imagines an empire his own empire while doing a garish t-shirt emblazoned with a course, cheap message.

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