Published On: Sat, Sep 22nd, 2018

Spain news: Violence erupts in Costa del Sol as another Briton stabbed in Marbella

He was taken by surprise as a man jumped out of a car and, without saying a word, stabbed him in both legs.

His assailant then ran back to the vehicle and made his escape.

The Brit was taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital but refused to make an official complaint.

Police are treating the incident as a possible revenge attack and have the same theory about the earlier attack on another British man, also in Marbella.

He was stabbed and shot in both legs but also had his cheeks slit from his mouth up to his ears in a so-called Glasgow Smile before being dumped in a ditch.

He was later revealed as a 35-year-old criminal who had been jailed for his part in a robbery on a jewellery store in Nottingham in which a passer-by was killed.

He was also taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital with extensive injuries, including leg fractures, and will be permanently disfigured.

It is not known if the latest attack in Puerto Banus is connected in any way with the first stabbing but both happened in the same district and had the same pattern.

The Brit who suffered the “Glasgow smile” slashing was also surprised in the daylight but on this occasion, there were several men involved.

Police think they may have been British and it could have been related to drug dealing.

He had only arrived in Marbella two hours before the attack and was thought to have been lured there with a fictious meeting.

The unnamed 24-year-old Brit had just left the hair salon where he had an appointment at 6pm when he was surprised by his assailant.

An onlooker witnessed the attack and called the emergency services. Medics treated the victim at the scene before he was taken to hospital but he too has refused to talk to the police.

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