Published On: Sun, May 19th, 2019

Soubry put on the spot over Change UK’s EU election poll numbers – 'Look at Brexit Party!'

defected to The Independent Group (TIG) due to a disagreement over the Conservative Party’s strategy alongside 10 fellow MPs who also joined from across the political spectrum. The TIG was later transformed into the new party which is running in next week’s with a strongly anti-Brexit manifesto. Despite Ms Soubry claiming the new party would win the support of Britons “desperate” for change, Sky News host Sophy Ridge confronted the Remainer with the latest projections for her party: “It was supposed to be the dawn of a new era in politics but instead Change UK is struggling to break through.

“Polling around 3 percent, your lead candidate in defected to the Lib Dems – what’s going wrong?

“Why isn’t it cutting through? You say you were only set up a few weeks ago but look at the – they are on 34 percent. They are a new party as well.”

A YouGov poll of 7,192 voters conducted between May 8-9 projected Change UK would win 5 percent of the vote share at the European elections while fellow new movement Brexit Party is on track to swipe the board of seats with 34 percent. 

Ms Soubry took a dig at her opposing party leader, , before she insisted the current poll numbers were the result of the party having been consolidated less than two months ago.

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She said: “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry but the Brexit Party is another extension of the Nigel Farage ego party that’s been in one way or another, one guise or another, for the last 20 odd years.

“We were formed five weeks ago, if that actually. I actually think we are doing remarkably well.

“We are up against these big goliaths. My big takeaway from it all, when I go to the rallies and actually just out and about, I genuinely believe there’s a real thirst in our country, millions of people believe nobody represents them.

“They want that sensible, centrist, moderate but progressive politics. Accepting that all political parties are responsible for breaking of politics and I believe, genuinely, we offer the change the people of this country are desperate to achieve.”

The YouGov survey also put the on single digits, while the Lib Dems and Labour polled at 16 percent and 15 percent respectively. 

is set to make one final attempt to get her Brexit deal through Parliament when she introduces the withdrawal agreement bill (WAB) in the Commons in the first week of June.

But after Labour leader announced the collapse of cross-party talks, few at Westminster believe she will win the support of MPs in this fourth vote after they rejected her deal three times.

The Prime Minister has been fending off increasing pressure to resign and is believed to have been issued an ultimatum to outline her departure timeline by June 12 or face the risk of the of backbenchers setting out the course on her behalf.

A Conservative Progress conference on June 22 has already being billed as “the first leadership hustings” with contenders Jeremy Hunt, Andrea Leadsom, James Cleverly, Sajid Javid and Esther McVey among the speakers.

Leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson, who announced his plan to run on Thursday while acknowledging there was no current vacancy, would benefit from a short leadership contest.

But with several rival candidates expected to enter the race, MPs believe the leadership contest could take several rounds of twice-weekly votes to narrow the field down to a pair that must be presented to party members for election.

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