Published On: Wed, Oct 10th, 2018

Save money on energy bills this winter: One tip alone could save you almost £500

So it is no wonder more than 10 million people are already concerned about their soaring energy bills in the winter, according to a survey last month.

Some families even admitted they will use less gas and electricity in a bid to save cash when temperatures fall.

But there are a few other tricks and tips that can help you save hundreds of pounds as the long nights draw in. spoke to comparison website, who offered the following advice to keep your home warm for less.

Emma Bush, energy expert at uSwitch said: “After such a long hot summer, the autumn chill will take people by surprise.

“Thankfully there are plenty of steps we can take that won’t break the bank to keep our homes as toasty as possible.”

SWITCH AND SAVE: You could save up to £482 by shopping around and switching supplier by using a comparison website such as

Not only could you save money, but customers can also go green, get rewards and even earn interest if your account is in credit.

THERMO-WATCH: Believe it or not, but turning your thermostat DOWN rather than up could help the pennies.

Turning it down by just 1° can save you as much as £60 per year.

You can also cut your heating bills by installing certain heating controls.

METER READINGS: Almost 1.4 million households could be facing inaccurate bills by having never submitted an energy reading to their supplier, according to recent research from uSwitch.

A staggering two in five UK homes could reclaim an average of £121 each from energy suppliers, once they provide a reading.

It is recommended that you submit a reading at the start of each season.

WASHING CLOTHES AT 30°C: Around 90 percent of a washing machine’s energy expenditure is used on heating the water.

So, the lower the water temperature, the more you save.

BLEED YOUR RADIATORS: Bleeding your radiators releases any gas caught inside them, making them run more efficiently.

This is because trapped air causes the radiators to have cold spots, reducing how well they work and warm your home.

SWITCH OFF THE TECH: If you are not using it, then switch it off.

Leaving televisions and games consoles on permanent standby costs £45 to £80 a year per household.

Meanwhile we collectively waste nearly £29 million per year by leaving our phone chargers switched on even when we are not charging our devices.

INVEST IN ENERGY SAVING: With lighting accounting for as much as 20 percent of your electricity bill, now is a good time to replace old inefficient light bulbs with modern ones.

Installing five low energy light bulbs will cost about £15 and could save you as much as £32 a year.

LED bulbs are the most energy efficient – they use up to 90 percent less energy and can last up to 50,000 hours.

INSULATION: Warm air can escape from your home in all directions – including the roof, walls, floor, windows and doors – meaning lots of the energy you pay for can go to waste.

It is estimated that you can recoup the costs of insulating your home, depending on the work you have done, in around three years.

There are grants available from some energy suppliers under a scheme called the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).

You must meet certain criteria to qualify and more information is available from suppliers’ websites.

Insulating your doors, regardless of how old or new your property, with draught-proofing strips between the door itself and frame is also recommended as a potential money-saver.

For gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor, you can buy a special ‘brush’ or hinged flap draught excluder.

DRAUGHT PROOF: Making sure you have loft insulation installed and, if your property has chimneys, a chimney balloon could stop warm air escaping and cooler air entering the home.

Another way warmth can escape your home is through the letterbox, so installing a second flap or ‘brushes’ in the letterbox could help keep your property toasty.

While it may be tiny, it is also suggested that you fit a purpose-made cover that drops a metal disc over the keyhole to prevent any wind whistling through.

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