Published On: Tue, Mar 6th, 2018

Panic on EgyptAir flight to Cairo as passenger tries to storm cabin, plane diverted

The plane was flying from Muscat in Oman to Cairo, when the “agitated” passenger started causing havoc.

It is claimed the man launched an attack on members of the crew around 25 minutes into the four-hour trip.

Local media reported two passengers had become irate following a row inside the plane.

The pilot took the unusual step of turning the plane around over fears the situation could escalate out of control.

The plane has since landed back in Oman and an investigation is underway.

Officials said the Egyptian passenger had been handed over to police.

He was not armed.

Officers have been questioning the crew of the Boeing 737-800 and its 78 passengers.

In May 2016, and EgyptAir flight crashed into the Mediterranean killing all 66 people on board.

The plane was travelling from Paris to Cairo when the devastating crash occurred.

Investigators think the crash may have been caused by a pilot charging his iPad in the cockpit.

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