Published On: Sat, Jul 14th, 2018

New Pop-Up Experience Allows Travelers to Disconnect in Chile

Santiago-based adventure travel company Upscape has launched a new experience called Outpost. It is Chile’s first off-the-grid camp experience, allowing visitors to completely disconnect in sparsely populated areas around the country.

“The mindset around travel has changed–travelers want challenges, meaning and something not yet discovered,” said Upscape founder and CEO, Brian Pearson. “At the same time, the constant presence of Wi-Fi and pressures of social media make finding those moments—and fully enjoying them—increasingly difficult every day.

“We were able to use our deep knowledge of the land to identify lesser-known destinations, outside of the common travelers’ route, to create places where family and friends can come together and truly explore,” Pearson added.

The first Outpost is scheduled debut in October of 2018 in the Maule Valley, one of Chile’s oldest wine-producing regions and the southern-most boundary of the Incan empire.

The Outpost is located along the Rio Maule, allowing visitors to explore nearby wineries, including Bouchon Family Vineyards, where the Pais Salvaje is made from wild grown uva pais.

The experience is now available for bookings in October and November.

Outpost Patagonia will “pop-up” along the Jeinimeni River in an area that is sparsely populated but home to dramatic scenery, including glaciers, forests and fjords.

Experiences include a photography departure, a trekking adventure, fly-fishing camps and more available beginning in February.

Upcoming Outposts will include destinations such as the Atacama Desert later this year, the Elqui Valley for the 2019 eclipse and Pucon, Chile, in 2020 also for a solar eclipse.

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