Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Justin Trudeau lectures on climate change despite jetting between Ottawa and Florida TWICE

The Canadian Prime Minister was only back in the country for 21 hours before he then returned back to an island in Florida to continue his spring vacation. He had been forced to return to Canada on Wednesday to hold crunch meetings surrounding allegations he pressured a top official into being lenient with punishment against SNC-Lavalin. He denies the claims.

According to National Post, the trip is approximately 4,200km and in total took five hours and 37 minutes of flight time. estimates that the average fuel consumption of the Prime Minister’s private jet is around 1,324 litres of fuel per hours.

His wracking up of air miles comes as he ramps up his campaign against climate change.

Hours after landing back in Canada, he tweeted: “Climate change is real.

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“That’s why we’re making big polluters pay, and giving the money right back to Canadians.”

According to Mr Trudeau’s official itinerary, his 21-hour return to Ottawa was spent in “private meetings”.

Chantal Gagnon, senior press secretary with the Office of the Prime Minister, said: “What I told some journalists even on Sunday was ‘don’t be surprised if the PM comes back for meetings this week’ and he did indeed have a couple of meetings yesterday.’”

Mr Trudeau’s position has been under intense scrutiny since allegations of wrongdoing emerged.

A justice committee held an emergency conference yesterday which determined Jodie Wilson-Raybould – who made the claims against Mr Trudeau – would not be allowed to testify again.

Ms Wilson-Raybould has previously argued she was under pressure to drop criminal proceedings against construction firm SNC-Lavalin by Mr Trudeau and other prosecutors.

The business employs around 9,000 workers in Quebec.

Mr Trudeau and others allegedly demanded Ms Wilson-Raybould issue financial penalties to the company as opposed to hitting it with a decade-long ban on bidding for government business.

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