Published On: Thu, Aug 15th, 2019

James Bond 25 screenwriter very COY on Lashana Lynch being female 007

What doesn’t seem likely, however, is for Lynch to take over playing Bond going forwards.

After all, her character isn’t a female incarnation of Bond, but a different person called Nomi who now happens to have his old job.

Certainly, this wouldn’t be the first time a Bond girl almost had her own spin-off.

Tomorrow Never Dies star Michelle Yeoh saw her Chinese Intelligence agent Wai Lin prove so popular that MGM almost gave her a solo movie.

While Halle Berry’s Jinx from Die Another Day almost had a spin-off TV series.

Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade were hired to write the script, with Stephen Frears on board to direct.

Why it was cancelled remains unclear, but “creative differences” are rumoured. Perhaps Lashana Lynch will have more luck?

Bond 25 will be released in UK cinemas on April 3, 2020.

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