Published On: Wed, Mar 7th, 2018

Farage has this BRILLIANT reason for why Britons voted for Brexit during HUGE anti-EU rant

Former Ukip leader and Brexiteer said it is time the globe realises the EU is the “biggest protectionist bloc in the world”.

Speaking on Fox News, Mr Farage said: “The European Union sells itself around the world as being a free-trading organisation. Actually, it’s not. It is a customs union, with a big tariff wall around it to goods that come into it all over the world.

“One of the reasons that I was so pro- is I want us to break out of this European customs union and for us as the UK to start trading freely with countries like America where we are not going to undercut each other and where it will be fair trade.

“The EU is the biggest protectionist bloc in the world today and it’s a fact that nobody stands up and recognises.”

took a huge dig at the European Union during a joint press conference with Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven on Tuesday.

The US President was defending his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. He said: “The United States has been mistreated and taken advantage of by other countries for many, many decades.

“We have a trade deficit of $800billion a year, and the European Union has been particularly tough on the United States.

“They make it almost impossible to do business with them, and yet they send their cars and everything else back into the United States.

“They can do whatever they like, but if they do that, then we put a big tax of 25 percent on their cars, and believe me, they won’t be doing it for very long.

“The European Union has not treated us well and it’s been a very, very unfair trade situation.

“I’m here to protect our workers and our companies. We cannot lose our steel industry our aluminium industry.

“If the takes off some of the horrible barriers that make it impossible for our product to go into there, then we can start talking.

“Otherwise, we’re going to leave it as it is. We have no choice but to straighten it out.”

Brussels hit back at the proposed tariffs on US imports and is gearing up for a bitter trade war with US.

The EU has pledged to retaliate if Mr Trump carries out his threat to introduce a 25 percent duty on steel and 10 percent on aluminium in an attempt to hit .

EU Commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis said: “It has been announced that the EU is going to react to the situation if this President Trump’s initiative on tariffs on steel and aluminium goes through.

“We are assessing what are the options for our actions. In any case, we’ll react in a firm and proportionate way within WTO rules.”

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