Published On: Sun, Feb 11th, 2018

eBay: New one pound coin with rare minting error selling for a fortune

Sellers hoping to make a big profit by selling rare coins often turn to eBay.

And one individual has done just that with a recent listing on the site of a new one pound coin.

The coin features a “rare, unique” minting error that the seller believes makes it work 100 times its value.

Seller “daniesteckiewic0” has listed the new one pound coin for £100.

The coin features a deep cut across the Queen’s face – an unusual minting error.

Otherwise, the coin is fine. Currently, there are no bids on the coin, which has another seven days left at auction.

The seller has 100 per cent positive feedback, and is currently selling other rare coins and notes on the site.

Minting errors are one of the most sought after features on a coin, as this adds to its scarcity.

Another coin with a minting error is selling for £5000 online.

A rare Charles Dickens £2 coin is selling for a whopping £5,000 on the buying and selling site, thanks to its rare status and unusual errors.

The seller, neanderthal1958, is based in York, UK, and has listed the coin, which they sell is in “fair condition”.

The caption reads: “Very very rare Charles Dickens 2 pound coin 2012 Royal Mint mistakes x2.”

The first mistake, it is revealed, is that the “wording is upside down” on the outer rim of the coin.

Furthermore, the words – which read “Something will turn up” – are said to be in the wrong position.

The Royal Mint website gives some clues about the background of the coin.

“In 2012 we marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, one of Britain’s finest writers.”

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