Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

'Don't interfere!' – Polish voters SLAM EU for meddling in the country's political reforms

The Polish government has decided to make a number of constitutional changes in the hope of removing what it claims to be a liberal bias.

However, the EU has threatened to remove the country’s voting rights for decisions that are made at a European level after they accused the Polish government of being “undemocratic”, leading to fierce criticism from voters.

Appearing on Newsnight Krzysztof Ciesielski, who works at a paving stone factory, said: “The European Union is meddling too much in Polish matters.

“Poland is a sovereign country.

“We can deal with our own issues.

“No one else should interfere.”

The EU has repeatedly called on Warsaw to change their style of governance, which Brussels sees as authoritarian, and threatened the country with full withdrawal from the trade bloc if they do not.

Meanwhile, Polish worker Waldemar Kempisty said: “As far as the EU goes, we imagined it differently.

“When I was at the march to celebrate Polish Independence Day, which is very important.

“European Commission Vice President Timmermans said that ’60,000 fascists marched in Warsaw’.

“That means he called me and my family fascists.

“I will not have it because I do not feel like a fascist.

“I’m not a fascist because my grandfather died in Auschwitz during the Second World War.”

However, Professor Radoslaw Markowski from the Polish Academy of Sciences has accused the government of trying to whip up anti-EU sentiment to draw up support.

He said: “This government needs enemies, they are desperate for enemies.

“Each and every month they invent a new enemy.

“The European Union is one, Germany is another one.

“It is a very successful mechanism for attracting people.

He went on to add: “One of the things that we have to emphasise about the Poland of today is that we have a constitutional crisis.

“We have a separation of powers that is non-existent here, the rule of law has been violated on many occasions, by the President, by his party.”

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