Game of Thrones: George RR Martin revealed which TWO Starks will live or DIE and how

It all started with six Stark children and six direwolf cubs. At the time we thought Jon Snow was Ned’s bastard but now we know he was the son of Ned’s sister Lyanna and legitimised in a wedding with Rhaegar Targaryen before their deaths. So, six Stark children, six direwolves and it’s not just the fates of the wolves and the More...

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By admin On Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Game of Thrones Daenerys official shock: EVERYONE was WRONG about this

No wonder the poor woman has always been in such a bad mood. Her recent dragon-fuelled rampaging across Essos and Westeros makes much more sense now. The biggest shock is that the hugely-respected, almost faultless More...

By admin On Monday, March 18th, 2019

Bird Box SEQUEL confirmed: New story gets release date THIS YEAR after Netflix movie smash

Josh Malerman has penned a follow-up to the first novel, which formed the basis for one of Netflix’s most successful movies ever. Malerman’s next book is titled simply Malorie, and will continue to explore More...

By admin On Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Winds of Winter release date: When will George RR Martin announce Game of Thrones book?

As the final Game of Thrones season approaches on TV, the series of books that first inspired it – A Song of Ice and Fire – continues to leave fans hanging. Its fifth of a planned seven instalments, More...

By admin On Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Winds of Winter: George RR Martin reveals biggest REGRET of Game Of Thrones book delay

The author is the mastermind behind the whole Game of Thrones phenomenon, with the TV show set to come to an end this spring. The series overtook the storylines of the books quite some time ago; which wasn’t More...

By admin On Friday, March 8th, 2019

Winds of Winter: George RR Martin still has ‘a LOT of work to do’ on Game of Thrones books

The story – which is split into seven instalments, five of which have been released thus far – sparked the entire Game of Thrones phenomenon. The final season of the TV series is due to air from More...

By admin On Friday, March 1st, 2019

Winds of Winter: HUGE sign George RR Martin's new Game of Thrones book is finally coming?

The writer has had fans waiting for the next book in A Song Of Ice And Fire since 2011 when its predecessor A Dream of Spring was released. Game of Thrones – the TV show based on the hit novels – More...

By admin On Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Book review: The Twisted Tree by Rachel Burge Hot Key Books

Enter Martha, a one-eyed gawky teenager with a strange gift –and distinctly unwanted mission to vanquish a Norse creature of the undead. Martha lost the sight in one eye when she fell from the eponymous tree, More...

By admin On Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Winds of Winter: George RR Martin talks ‘dead ends’ while writing Game of Thrones book

A YouTube account dedicated to the Game of Thrones phenomenon has just republished a clip of an interview he gave several years ago, discussing his character development and writing process. And as work on next More...

By admin On Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Winds of Winter: Exciting news for George RR Martin fans amid Game of Thrones book wait

Instead, the author has confirmed a visit over to our side of the world: he’s heading to Northern Ireland later this summer. Whether his appearance at a popular convention will tie-in with the promo trail More...