Published On: Sun, Sep 8th, 2019

Ashura 2019: Fasting on the day of Ashura – is it customary to fast for Ashura?

Muharram is a month of mourning for Muslims. Muharram falls on different dates every year, and this is due to the Islamic lunar calendar. The Hijri calendar is ten to 12 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar.

This year, Muharram runs from September 1 to 28.

When is Ashura?

Ashura is marked on the tenth day of Muharram.

Ashura is a festival of remembrance in Islam.

While fasting during the month of Ramadan is seen by many as obligatory, the fast of Ashura is non-compulsory.

Sunni and Shia Muslims commemorate this special day in different ways.

During Ashura, some Shia Muslims engage in self-flagellation in remembrance of the death of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Husayn ibn Ali.

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